The First Week.

My first week of college is over.

I made it through a week of classes, about 300 pages of reading and my first frat party. I went to multiple different christian groups, and found a great small group with girls that I know I’m going to love. I actually managed to wake up every morning to go to my 9:00 class (somewhat of a shock at this school). And most importantly, I had a ton of fun.

There’s a lot I’ve learned in the first week. Some of it to do with school, some of it to do with Stanford, lots of it to do with myself.

1. Biking here is one of the most nerve wracking things I have ever done in my life. At Stanford nearly everyone bikes to class, to the gym, to the grocery store, to the library, etc. The general consensus is that undergrads don’t wear helmets and grad students do. I have to admit that after biking around the circle of death I’ve decided to act like a grad student.

2. Everyone I meet here blows my mind. Seriously I’ve never been surrounded by so many people who have all done amazing things. Also, my dorm is awesome. There’s this crazy sense of extreme trust and everyone loves being with each other so much.

3. There are so many things to do here! I went to the activities fair on Friday – so overwhelming. It was all I could do to keep myself from joining ALL the organizations. To deal with this I’ve decided to get involved with different organizations each year. If I decide I like crew, I will probably do it this year and next year. All four years I want to be involved in Christian Fellowship – this year I’m part of Cardinal Life. I’m also running for dorm president which would put me on Frosh Council which plans the Freshman Formal and other events for our class. At some point over the next few years I would like to do a capella, write for one of the campus journals and try mock trial. I know it’s a ton of things so I’m NOT going to try to do it all at once … although a part of me would love to try!

4. The weather here is amazing. It’s almost October and we had a pool party and I’ve been living in shorts. The only time it’s cold is in the mornings on the way to class when it is freezing!

5. My classes are awesome. My statistics teacher has a sweet German accent, my Econ professor is funny and I know my Justice class is going to prepare me extremely well for law school. Then there’s my seminar on microfinance which is by far my favorite class. The professor, an entrepreneur himself, teaches in the economics and law departments. The class only has 20 students in it, which allows for a lot of interaction and discussion, but get this – it’s broadcasted live to 1000 other students at over 75 schools across the nation. Students at NYU and Georgetown watch it on TV, and I actually get to be there in the classroom. This school is so cool.

I made it through the first week – let’s see how much longer I last!


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3 responses to “The First Week.

  1. I love it, Nicolle!!! it is so fun to hear what you are doing. I think I’ll owe you some money soon! Do you have a bike? Still waiting for your iphone? What do you think about a frig for your room? I’d love to see your room some day when you’ve made it through another week or two. Things will get easier as you go along. I am glad you are enjoying the weather. It is dry which is different from Vienna. It is supposed to be in the 90s the next few days but will get cold and foggy where you are eventually. I talked to your mom today for an hour getting together plans for her visit. Bet you can’t wait to see her!! Me neither. Love you!

    • Yes I got a bike right away! It’s been a total life saver. It’s silver and shiny and pretty and it has a basket on it so I can carry my stuff around. My iPhone hasn’t come yet. Hopefully by the end of this week. My roommate and I are counting down the days until we can get a fridge!! I’ve been asking around but I haven’t found anything used yet – we’ll just get a new one that will fit well in our room. I’m so excited to see my mom! Love you!

  2. caloricandcrazy

    Wow, sounds like a splendid first week! I can imagine how you want to do everything at once—it’s Stanford!!

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