Autumn Quarter Schedule

I have decided to take a somewhat easy quarter to easy me into life at school and give me enough time to learn to row! I am so excited for all the opportunities here which go way beyond the classroom and this quarter I also want to have enough time to make close friends and get settled in. I am taking 14 units right now (the minimum is 12 and maximum is 20, but they advise freshman not to take more than 15).

PSYCH 10 – Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus (5 units) This class is a requirement for the Human Biology major and will also fulfill my math requirement.

PSYCH 50 – Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience (4 units) This is basically a class on everything I’ve always wanted to know about brain biology. I looked at the textbook and just thought “oh my gosh yes this is the class for me!”

ETHICSOC 171 – Justice (5 units) This class will fulfil my humanities requirement (something I’m dreading almost as much as the Engineering and Applied Sciences requirement) and sounds super interesting. I’ve heard it has a lot of reading but is a great class.

ECON 23I - Introduction to Microfinance (1-2 units) This is a 1-2 unit seminar taught by an upper level student. I’m excited because there will only be maximum 20 of us in the class and I think it will be really interesting!

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4 responses to “Autumn Quarter Schedule

  1. Sheila Richards

    Sure appreciate seeing your blog. Your classes sound interesting. Love, Grandma

  2. Kirste

    Are you still allowed one class pass/no clue? If so, you can follow in my footsteps and save it for your Engineering and Applied Sciences requirement :)

    • You can take more than one class pass/fail! But I think I’ll be okay on my Engineering requirement… I’m going to take Introduction to Computers. Basically, programming for dummies! :)
      Also, I changed my schedule and am now taking Introduction to Economics instead of my Neuroscience class. Following in the footsteps of Dad and Grandpa I guess…

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